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Cultural Services

Assimilating to a new culture can be challenging for foreigners. Learn what cultural services offer, and how they can help ease your transition by providing tips for moving to the USA.

Cultural Services

For many Expats, a major fear when moving to the USA is acclimating to a new culture, especially when it comes to language barriers. Even for those Expats who speak English, communicating may still be a challenge due to language nuances and differences in cultural norms.

Language differences, along with everyday cultural changes, can be tough when starting a new life. Often times, Expats cite difficulties rising from a lack of understanding of the American lifestyle and of their new counterparts. The contrast can lead to a hard time acclimating, and difficulty meeting other people who understand their views and struggles. Feelings of isolation and homesickness are common, especially among Expats who struggle to integrate.

It is important to remember that these feelings of homesickness, and the general lack of fitting-in are completely normal for Expats to experience. It takes time to learn and understand a new culture, and sometimes, even longer to feel a sense of belonging.

Thankfully there are many cultural services for Expats that are specifically designed to help smooth the transition into the U.S. culture. These services offer cultural information, tips for settling in, and many more valuable resources.

Quick Facts:

  • Acclimating to the American culture is a major fear for Expats moving to the United States.
  • Expats often associate their difficulties transitioning with a lack of understanding the American lifestyle.
  • Feelings of isolation and homesickness are common for Expats to experience.
  • Working with a cultural service can help create a smooth transition.
  • Cultural services offer cultural information, tips for settling-in, and other useful resources.
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