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Cross Cultural Training

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Cultural Awareness International, Inc. (CAI) has been supporting international assignees, their spouses/partners and children for over 25 years. We recognize the high cost associated with relocation, and that the adventure that lies before you can also present great challenges. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing programs and services that deliver tangible, sustainable benefits. Our dedicated efforts help to ensure you and your family have a productive and successful assignment.

Expatriate & Family Support Program: “Relocation Without Borders”™

Cultural Training: Adapting to a new culture and ensuring you and your spouse/partner make a smooth transition into your new home and job can be challenging. CAI partners with a leading e-learning provider to offer you (and your spouse/partner at no extra charge) an on-line e-learning tool that helps prepare you for the challenges and opportunities ahead. This tool will be available to you for one full year, allowing you to:

  • Assess your cultural profile and compare it to the U.S. culture
  • Learn about cultural dimensions and how it impacts communication and relationship building;
  • Access tips and techniques on how to communicate and work effectively with U.S. Americans
  • Learn more about the USA: customs, holidays, protocol, gift giving, entertaining, etc.
  • Understand how to minimize culture shock for yourself and your family, in order to make the most of your assignment

Destination Services: CAI also offers destination support regarding housing rentals, setting up of utilities, social security and much more. In conclusion, CAI helps to make a smooth and seamless transition into the United States.

Top Questions on Adapting to Life in the U.S.

What does Cross-Cultural Training entail?

The training will provide you with an in-depth look into living and working in the USA as well as review the U.S. preferred styles of communication and the transition issues that tend to accompany international assignees.

Will the training cover the regional differences in the USA?

Yes, CAI's training not only reviews living and working in the USA, it also takes a close look at the different regions within the USA and how each state/region has its own culture. It is important to be aware of this when traveling for business or pleasure. Your session would be customized to focus on areas in the U.S. that are of relevance to you in your new role.

What is culture shock?

Culture shock is quite common for employees and spouse/partners who are relocating. It affects everyone in the family and is a normal part of the international relocation transition process. Culture shock is the feeling of anxiety and confusion when entering a new and unknown environment or culture. CAI's training will review the cycle of adjustment as well as provide strategies for coping with culture shock so that you can adjust more easily and quickly into your new home.

Can my spouse or partner participate in the training?

Yes, CAI always suggests the employee and spouse attend the training session together, if possible. The training is often an ideal time for both individuals to share their concerns about the new assignment as well as for the spouse/partner to become familiar with some of the workplace issues the employee may encounter. Our e-learning option is priced for both you and your spouse.