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1 Year

1 Year Before Relocation

  • Apply for Visas or permits
  • Determine plans for your current residence
  • Research International Moving companies
  • Search airfares – determine the amount of luggage you will have
  • Plan a vacation to your place of relocation to understand the area
  • Determine what you will do with you car and pet(s)
6 Months

6 Months Before Relocation

  • Research Neighborhoods
  • Consider Hiring a Real Estate Agent
  • Choose your International Moving company
  • Take out moving insurance, if additional coverage is necessary
  • Get shots, vaccinations, boosters, or any medications you might need
  • Consult international health advisory professional
3 Months

3 Months Before Relocation

  • Book your flight
  • Confirm move date.
  • Arrange short-term accommodations if you haven’t found a home yet.
  • Gather your children’s medical and educational records
  • Slim down your belongings through donations, garage sales, ebay, etc.
  • Determine if you will be keeping your banking account. Consider Banking Partnerships
  • If not expatriating your job, notify your work of your plans
1 Months

1 Month Before Relocation

  • Arrange postal re-direction
  • Start packing
  • Gather travel documents
  • Cancel your bills and monthly withdrawals
  • If closing your banking account, notify your bank and find out the necessary actions to take.