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How to Move to the USAGlobalization and the expansion of multinational corporations continue to meet the demands of the marketplace by relocating talent from all over the world. Relocation allows employers to retain and develop quality employees and attract new highly-skilled employees to fill existing gaps within their organizations. According to the latest survey by Hydrogen Group, over 70% of participants believed employers value international experience and having worked internationally has helped them further their careers. This explains why the same survey found that the number of professionals who desire to work abroad has more than doubled since 2010 (16% in 2010 vs. 25% in 2014). Over 95% of respondents would also recommend working abroad as a way to advance their career. (Hydrogen Group)

Studies show that moving is the third most stressful situation a person can experience (HealthStatus). As you can imagine, moving to a new country is likely to elevate the stress level, considering all the unknowns and intricate details. Many assignees have difficulty finding relevant, valuable information for their move and don’t know where to start. Relocating is about being prepared and organized to avoid major expenses or mishaps later on. RelocateUSA was designed by dedicated, experienced relocation professionals who want to provide important information and trusted resources for assignees entering the United States. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary tools to help you transition successfully, and most of all, make it enjoyable!