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Four Challenges Expats Face When Moving to the United States


Moving to the United States is an exciting adventure filled with lots of twists and turns. As an Expat, you can expect to face new challenges during your first year abroad. As long as you are prepared for the challenges, you can easily overcome them all.

Below are four challenges that Expats commonly face when moving to the United States AND helpful tips for overcoming them!

1. No U.S. Credit History

Expats entering the United States have no local credit history. Credit scores do not travel, so even if an Expat has great credit in their home country, it will not count in America. This means Expats have a very poor U.S. credit score, making it harder to get approved for large purchases and loans from lenders.

TIP: With the help of Expat credit counseling services from companies such as Mycredex, Expats can begin building a credit history in the country.

2. Language Barriers

Communication is often a struggle for new Expats in the United States. Even those who have a good understanding of the English language can find it difficult to communicate with locals. Constantly having to translate conversations in your head can slow down your ability to keep a dialogue.

TIP: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. The more you practice, the better you will become. Language services, such as Mango Languages provides fully customizable language and culture training software that prepares employees to interact cross-culturally.

3. Feeling Homesick

It is completely normal for Expats to feel homesick and experience culture shock during their first year abroad. Everyday cultural changes can feel overwhelming, and Expats often cite difficulties stemming from a lack of understanding of the American lifestyle.

TIP: Working with a cultural service, such as Cultural Awareness International, Inc., can help create a smooth transition and make assimilating easier.

4. Buying a Car

One challenge many Expats are not prepared for is buying a car in the United States. As mentioned above, since Expats do not have a local credit history when they arrive in the country, buying a car can be extremely expensive. Expats have trouble getting good financing or leasing rates at local car dealerships, and are often required to pay large out-of-pocket expensive for used cars.

TIP: Find an Expat car leasing and financing company, such as International AutoSource, who can help you get an auto loan for a car at the same rates a local American would pay.