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5 Signs You’re Experiencing Culture Shock


Moving to the United States, or any new country for that matter, is a huge change for most people. After the hustle and bustle of moving is over and the fun of sightseeing is behind you, reality begins to set in. It is very normal for an Expat to experience culture shock. It’s important to remember that there are resources available to help you with your transition in the United States.

In order to help overcome culture shock, it’s important to first identify that you’re suffering from it. Culture shock can manifest itself in a number of ways, and it’s easy to mistake it for something else.

Below are 5 Signs you’re Experiencing Culture Shock


1.    Questioning Your Decisions

If you’re constantly questioning your decision to accept your new position in the United States and often second-guessing your ability to perform in the position, you may be suffering from culture shock.

When you’re not feeling confident in yourself, it’s easy to carry that over to all aspects of our life, including work.

2.    Overly Homesick

As an Expat, it’s perfectly normal to feel homesick, but if you’re constantly feeling homesick it could be a sign of culture shock.

3.    Tired and Irritable

If you’re feeling tired and irritable more often than not, this could be a sign of culture shock. Feelings of isolation and being alone can often cause you to feel exhausted and uninterested.

4.    Physical Ailments

Moving is a very stressful time, and sometimes stress manifests itself into physical ailments. If you are suffering from headaches, stomachaches, or general pain it could be due to the stress associated with culture shock.

5.    Depression and Anger

Culture shock can leave you feeling isolated and hopeless, leading to depression and anger. This can affect your work and home life.

If you think you are showing the signs of culture shock, remember you are not alone. For many Expats, acclimating to a new culture is a major fear, especially when a language barrier is involved. Luckily there are cultural services that are dedicated to helping Expats have a smooth transition.

Learn more about working with a Cultural Service, such as Cultural Awareness International, Inc. and Language Services, such as Mango Languages.
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