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International AutoSource Car Rentals

International AutoSource

Through many years assisting Expats with their personal transportation, we have learned not all assignees actually need to buy or lease a car. Assignees relocating on a short-term assignment may prefer only to rent a vehicle. International AutoSource offers a low cost, full service rental car solution for international and domestic assignees.

Our concierge service provides you with one point of contact to service all your rental needs. We assist in all aspects of your rental including quotations, bookings, extensions, early terminations and insurance claims.

ReadyDrive Car Rentals

Expat and corporate car rental

  • Savings up to 50% compared to the best corporate rates
  • Same base rate regardless of location and season
  • Comprehensive insurance included
  • Spouse and employee sharing included
  • Flexible billing options
  • Multiple vehicle classifications

Expat safeguards and guarantees

  • Award-winning concierge service
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Roadside assistance
  • Scheduled maintenance
A trusted source serving the global community for over 50 years

Top Questions About Corporate and Expat Car Rentals

How long can I rent a car?

Car rentals are available up to 12 months and in some cases even longer.

What kind of license do I need to drive a rental vehicle?

In order to rent a vehicle you will require a valid International Driver’s License or valid license from an overseas country that is written in English.

What type of automobile insurance coverage is included?

All rentals include comprehensive insurance with a $0 deductible.

What size cars can I choose from when booking my rental?

ReadyDrive offers multiple vehicle classifications to meet your vehicle needs. Choose from subcompact, compact, mid-size, full-size, premium, luxury, standard SUV and minivan. Contact a representative for more details.