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  • Credit Doesn’t Travel

    Credit Doesn’t Travel

    The United States welcomes over 300,000 foreign national assignees every year in managerial, technical and consulting professions. And while their skills, talents, families and belongings all make the trip safely, their credit-worthiness doesn't travel – and it is costing them and their employers a fortune.

    In all it is estimated that the lack of availability of US credit is costing US businesses and their incoming talent over $2.4 billion every year in excess interest charges, foregone tax beaks and compromised productivity. According to a recent survey of global mobility managers and international HR professionals, over half of all respondents claimed that lack of access to US credit facilities impacted assignee morale and productivity "somewhat", while the remaining 47% indicated that the issue "very much" impacted their employees - a startling level of unanimity.

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  • 10 Tips for Working Effectively with International Colleagues

    10 Tips for Working Effectively with International Colleagues

    Communication and work styles differ greatly across the globe. This requires a new way of doing business in order to build trust and develop long-term relationships with clients, JV partners and multicultural team members. Miscommunication can significantly increase costs by creating unnecessary delays and obstacles in meeting business objectives.

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