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90-Day Checklist for Moving to the United States

You have just received the exciting news that you’ve landed your new job in the United States. Congratulations!

Moving to the United States is a huge change full of exciting possibilities, however it is a complicated process, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed and stressed if you don’t plan ahead. Your next step will be to plan out your relocation to ensure you and your family have a seamless transition.

Plotting out a timeline for your move will help you stay organized and on track for your move. Each Expat’s relocation journey is different and timelines may need to be adjusted depending on how much time you have to execute your move. The RelocateUSA 90-Day Checklist for Moving to the United States will help keep you organized as you relocate the United States!

Many people do not have a full year to plan for a relocation, so we created the 90-Day Checklist for Moving to the United States. Download the full version below!


90 Days Before the Move

  • Make all travel arrangements such as airline tickets and hotels if necessary.
  • If you have children, obtain any transfer certificates necessary for their new school. Get information on schools in the USA
  • Start making arrangements with a moving company.
  • Gather your passport and official documents needed to move and be sure they are up to date. Keep it in a safe place for easy access.
  • Be sure to keep all receipts from the move for tax purposes
  • Get informed on international driving licenses. Many countries do NOT accept your current license. Will you need a new vehicle? Get information on obtaining a vehicle in the U.S
  • Medical records should be obtained and up to date.
  • Send out a change of address note to friends, family and change it with the post office as well.
  • Begin packing items you might not need until your move. Stay organized.
  • If you are planning to sell your house, now is the time to start the selling process.
  • Arrange short-term accommodations if you haven’t found a home yet. Get housing in the U.S.

60 Days before the move

  • Start selling some of the furniture or household items you are planning to get rid of.
  • Organize your visas, and check that all of your insurance policies are up to date. Get information on immigration
  • Check once again to be sure all the certified documents you need to move are in place. Prepare a power of attorney and have supporting paperwork handy.
  • Handle all of your banking and finances. Make sure the bank knows you are moving and settle any debt or arrange for payments to be made. Internet banking might be a helpful solution. Set up a bank account and credit cards in the U.S.
  • If you need any medications when you move, be sure they will be available to you in your new country.
  • Cancel any subscriptions or re-occurring deliveries you receive.
  • If you are moving with pets, make sure you have all vaccinations and necessary paperwork in order. Set up transportation for your pet
  • Check out the local area living guides in your new home city.
  • Set up insurance coverage on your home and car. Find Auto & home insurance solutions in the U.S.

30 Days Before the Move

  • Be sure your address is changed on everything.
  • Settle any outstanding bills or debts. Contact your utility companies such as gas, electricity, water, cable TV and telephone.
  • Now you can start packing up the essentials. It is almost time to move.
  • Stay very organized. Things can start to get hectic.
  • Will you need temporary transportation when you arrive? Secure a car rental
  • Transfer your currency into U.S. dollars. Get the most out of your money

Moving Day

  • Keep all paperwork handy. Know your contact people from the moving company and a way to reach them once you arrive.
  • Make sure you pack everything up and bring it with you.
  • Say a farewell to friends and family. Encourage them to keep in touch!
  • Stay calm and relaxed. Don’t forget to enjoy the move. You are moving on to new and exciting things.

It is important to gather as much information as you can prior to your relocation as it can be difficult to know what services you will need. Sometimes you might not even know that a particular topic, such as acquiring a credit history, will be problematic until you arrive in the United States and get outrageous and inflated quote requests on everyday services!

RelocateUSA offers a variety of Expat solutions for moving to the United States, including:

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Banking and Credit Cards

Car Financing, Purchasing, and Leasing

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Credit Migration Services 

International Schools

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