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Spousal/Partner Support

Moving to the USA can be a tough on a trailing spouse. Learn the effect relocation can have on your partner, and the solutions that exist to help.

Spousal/Partner Relocation Support

Moving to the USA will not only affect the employee, but their family as well. Family concerns and partner career dissatisfaction are frequently cited as key reasons for an employee relocation assignment failing. Learn what you can do to overcome the challenges Expats and their families face before you leave, so you can have a satisfying relocation experience for the entire family.

When an employee accepts a job offer to relocate to the United States, they are also inadvertently giving up their spouse or partners personal, social and professional identity. The partner or spouse will also need to start over; however, they will encounter many challenges throughout the transition.

Relocating to a new country without family and friends can bring feelings of isolation and homesickness for a partner or spouse. Simple everyday tasks can be overwhelming in a new country due to language barriers and cultural differences. These issues can easily create conflict and resentment at home that can ultimately lead to an assignment failing.

It is critical for spouses and partners to build networks and cultivate friendships in the United States. There are services in place to provide spouse and partner relocation assistance, including identifying activities to promote entry into a new culture, and evaluating employment opportunities such as career coaching, conducting job searches, and creating targeted employer listings. These services will help ease the transition and acclimation process to their new country and environment, allowing you to make the most of your assignment in the United States.

Quick Facts:

  • Family concerns and partner dissatisfaction are often cited as reasons relocation assignments fail.
  • Your spouse/partner may suffer from feelings of isolation and homesickness, which can lead to resentment.
  • It is critical for your spouse/partner to build their own relationship in the U.S.
  • Services exist to help your spouse/partner transition into the American culture.
REA, the leading expert in this field, will help your partner/spouse to have a successful transition.