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Pet Relocation

Moving to the USA with your pet requires more than just buying a plane ticket. Learn about the documentation and examinations needed to relocate your pet to the United States.

Pet Relocation

Pet relocation can be complicated for owners, and tough on pets. Relocating your pet is not as simple as buying a plane ticket. Moving to the USA with your pet is a process that requires documentation, examinations, and a lot of planning.

Pets become a part of the family, so ensuring they have a stress-free and smooth relocation process is important. The chaotic environment of moving often causes pets to have anxiety, which can cause undue stress on you during your relocation. The easier their relocation is, the easier yours is. The key to creating this stress-free environment is planning ahead, and being aware of the obstacles.

The U.S. Public Health Service requires that dogs and cats brought into the country undergo an examination when they enter the country to check for evidence of diseases. Depending on the type of pet you have, and the location you are relocating from, there are certain restrictions and required documents. In addition, certain airlines require health certificates in order to travel. The hours and availability of the inspectors vary, so it’s important to contact the airline prior to booking travel.

The pet relocation process can seem complex. Luckily there are dedicated pet relocation companies that will plan your pet’s entire relocation process, from veterinarian appointments to travel arrangements. They will ensure your pet arrives happy and healthy.

Quick Facts
  • Relocating your pet to the U.S. requires documentation, examinations, and planning.
  • The chaos involved in moving can cause pets to suffer from anxiety.
  • The U.S. Public Health Service requires animals undergo an examination when they enter the country.
  • Contact your airline prior to booking to learn when an inspector is available to perform the examination.
  • Pet relocation companies plan your pet’s entire relocation process to ensure your pet arrives safely.
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