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Currency Transfer

After moving to the USA you will need to transfer your currency into U.S. dollars. Learn the necessary steps to receive the best exchange rate.

Currency Transfer

During the relocation process, transferring your local currency to U.S. dollars should be a top priority for Expats. Foreign currencies will not be accepted in the United States. Waiting until after you move to exchange your money can result in large monetary losses, and withheld funds and significant delays.

Expats tend to rank currency exchange low on the list of priorities when organizing their relocation to the United States. Waiting until after the relocation to plan their currency exchange can lead to Expats experiencing significant delays in obtaining their transferred U.S. dollars, with delays occasionally lasting weeks. Planning ahead also allows Expats to receive the best exchange rate for their funds, which could help you save a significant amount of money before your move.

Taking the appropriate steps in exchanging your currency, such as securing a company that provides you with the best exchange rate. If possible, opening a U.S. bank account on visits prior to your permanent move, can assure you have your funds available to you when you arrive in the country.

Quick Facts:

  • Foreign currency is not accepted in the U.S.
  • Waiting to exchange your money can result in large monetary losses and withheld funds.
  • Many factors go into determining insurance rates.
  • Without mortgage insurance banks will not provide you with a loan for your new home.
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