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Credit Migration Services

Foreigners have no credit history when they arrive in the U.S., making it difficult to obtain services at affordable rates. Learn about U.S. credit scores, and how to begin building yours after moving to the USA.

Credit Migration Services

Expats moving to the USA quickly learn that a U.S. credit score is vital for establishing themselves in the country. Without a local credit score, Expats face various roadblocks, including trouble obtaining loans, inflated interest rates, and even difficultly securing services like cell phones.

Since credit does not transfer from country-to-country, Expats have a credit score of 0 when they first arrive in the United States. For perspective, the average American has a credit score between 600-700, and a good credit score is typically above 700.

The lack of U.S. credit history means that many Expats have difficulty obtaining essential services at affordable rates. They are forced to leave large down payments, or even make purchases in cash. Challenges include finding a mortgage and credit cards, financing or leasing a vehicle, and even simple tasks, such as a buying a cell phone service plan.

Without a credit score, many establishments will not extend you credit, making it feel impossible to start building one. With the help of Expat credit migration services, there are a variety of ways Expats can establish and grow a U.S. credit score.

Quick Facts:

  • Credit does not transfer from country-to-country, so foreigners have a credit score of 0 when they arrive.
  • The average American has a credit score of 600-700. A good credit score is considered 700 and above.
  • Without a credit score Expats will have difficulty obtaining services at affordable rates.
  • Expat credit migration services can help foreigners establish and start building a U.S. credit score.
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