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Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is a smart choice for Expats moving to the USA on short-term assignments. Learn if corporate housing is the right solution for your relocation.

Corporate Housing

Finding a comfortable and affordable living space is a top priority. This space will be your home for the duration of your stay in the United States, so it’s important that it is suitable for your needs. If you are on a short-term assignment (more than 30-days, but less than a year) finding an apartment or home to rent can be difficult and costly.

Landlords are typically looking to lease apartments for a minimum of one year. Finding a month to month lease can be hard, and often times expensive. Leasing contracts are typically one year, and breaking your contract can result in hefty fines. You will also be required to furnish the apartment, which is a big expense and quite time consuming for the short period of time you will be staying.

Corporate housing is a smart choice for Expats moving to the USA on short-term assignments. It is designed to be a temporary arrangement that allows assignees to rent a fully-furnished and comfortable living space. The properties are typically rented with utilities and are furnished with televisions, internet, furniture, kitchen supplies, and other conveniences.

Quick Facts:

  • A standard apartment/home lease is typically contracted for one year.
  • Breaking your lease early can result in expensive fines.
  • Corporate housing is an efficient solution for Expats on short-term assignment.
  • Short-term assignments can be defined as more than 30-days, but less than one year.
  • Corporate housing allows Expats to rent a full-furnished living space.
  • Properties typically can be rented with utilities and other conveniences included.
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