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Car Rental

Renting a vehicle can be a smart solution for Expats moving to the USA on short-term assignments. Learn what to look for when choosing your car rental company, and what services to request.

Car Rental

If you are moving to the USA on a short-term assignment you may not need to finance, purchase, or lease a vehicle. Instead you may prefer to rent a vehicle for the duration of your stay. Personal transportation needs are ranked at the bottom of the priority list before relocation, however after arrival it becomes a top priority. Most locations in the United States will require you to have a vehicle, as public transportation is rare, unless you are relocating to a metropolitan area.

Expats moving overseas on shorter-term assignments have options when it comes to obtaining a rental car, however it is important to be aware that not all car rental services are the same. Finding a reliable car rental company that caters to an Expat’s needs is crucial for both the Expat and their company.

Rentals should include insurance to mitigate the risk and liability to the Foreign National and their company. Going through a car rental company that offers bundled car rental packages that include insurance, and spouse and employee sharing will reduce your risk and liability while providing cost savings on your rental car. Accessing a full service car rental solution will provide you with comprehensive benefits to help you manage your rental expenses accurately while providing peace of mind, making your stay in the United States safe, convenient and enjoyable.

Quick Facts:

  • Car rentals are a great option for Expats moving to the USA on short-term assignments.
  • 45% of the U.S. population does not have access to public transportation.
  • Not all rental services are the same. Look for companies with Expat solutions.
  • Companies offer bundled packages that include insurance and spouse/employee sharing.
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